Light of Day Media


  • Jerry Carter

    Jerome Carter - CEO

    Jerome Carter is founder and CEO of Light of Day Media Productions (LOD) He brings more than 15 years of executive management experience to LOD, growing and scaling emerging technologies, communication media, and visualization tools.

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  • Craig Connors - 3D Design

    Craig is a 3D Environment Artist, who works in the game industry and has extensive experience with the following 3D and graphic Software programs: Autodesk, Adobe suite, and Blender. Craig actively supports Art Direction and brings years of relevant experience in creating Digital Art.

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  • Jerry Kral

    Jerome Kral - Marketing

    Jerome is responsible for implementing graphic Design and working with marketing partners and clients to create visual solutions to communication problems, in print and electronic media.

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  • Jim Gallaher - Website Design

    Jim graduated from Westwood College with a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design and works with LOD on a freelance basis. He specializes in Website design and has a very fluent understanding of HTML, CSS, and other web related languages.

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