Welcome! This is a site where exploring motion(Animation) and Math correlations.

In order to view the animations, you need to have a relatively recent version of Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. Or, any browser that will support Webgl.

Guide: Clicking on the "Example" buttons provided throughout will provide various illustrations for focus topics.

On every topic page, you'll be able to click one or more "Example" buttons that will illustrate and/or expounds on the relationship between the mathematical and motion domain topic. Some pages have a "code" button that correlates to an editor with javascript code that will be run in the canvas box. You can make changes to the code, and see the results instantly by clicking the "code" button.

Beneath the canvas box, there may exist navigation and additional user tools to support dynamic changes of variables and objects. Throughout the series of topics references to Kahn Academy which is a treasure trove of additional and supportive knowledge.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave a comment on the "comments" tab.